About Myles & SalesWill

Why I Started SalesWill?

When casually speaking with business owners and salespeople in the SEO and Internet marketing industry, I often hear about them struggling to bring in SEO clients or them wanting more business. Usually, these are peers who have their own startup, work for small, lesser known Internet marketing companies, or have no established personal or business brand that attracts clients to them (i.e. they aren’t authorities in the industry).

I can completely relate–I once wore the same shoes. I started eREACH (formerly eReach Consulting) in 2011 and had a tough time bringing in new business. I wasn’t a salesperson; I was a marketer. As a marketer, I relied too much on marketing with the hopes of magically pulling in clients. The big problem is that this was slow, and I wasn’t a noted SEO speaker or Internet marketing authority. I was just another Internet marketer who knew SEO well but had a tough time bringing in new business.

If I wanted eREACH to succeed, I had to get out there, adopt a sales first attitude, and bring in business myself. Once I did, things began to quickly change. With a lot of hard work, determination, trial-and-error, and sacrifice, eREACH became a 7-figure company within a year of focusing on sales. It turns out that I’m pretty good at it. This surprised me because I consider myself an introvert, and I dislike schmoozing.

eReach Consulting

Today, eREACH has become a multi-million dollar company, leading to membership with the Young Entrepreneur Council (yec.co), Forbes Agency Council (forbesagencycouncil.com) and the exclusive WarRoom Mastermind.

Now, through SalesWill, I want to share what I know and help you get more leads and close more business.  I think I’ve done pretty well, but I know there’s so much more to learn. In fact, there’s a ton of sales strategies and tactics that I haven’t explored–and want to! (I’ll make sure to document everything and share my successes and failures with you.) By sharing what’s worked for me, I hope to open up the lines of communication and learn from you, too.

Why Focus On Sales?

Simply put–without sales there’s no business. Don’t get me wrong, there is a whole lot more to starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business; however, sales drives everything and is an area many business owners and salespeople want to improve.

I rather focus on the one area that I believe will keep your business running, take your company to the next level, and allow you to make more money to enjoy more freedom and a lifestyle of your choice.

Who Is SalesWill For?

SalesWill is primarily for Internet marketing and SEO consultants, small Internet marketing business owners, and sales specialists who want to grow their companies and make more money by getting more clients.

Perhaps you’re not an authority or speaker in the industry and can’t rely on prospects coming to you. Or, maybe your marketing strategies or tactics are taking too long to produce results, but you need more sales now.  If so, this is the perfect site for you. We’ll cover ways that we can get out there, take control, and bring in more business ourselves.

As a special note, if you consider yourself an introvert, someone who can’t schmooze or doesn’t like to, then SalesWill is going to be powerful for you. That’s how I was and still am; yet, business is good!

Last Words

I know what it’s like to struggle with bringing in more sales, especially while having to tend to operational issues, accounting, and other areas that come with running your own business. Time is limited, so you need to use sales strategies and tactics that produce the best results.

I hope I can lend you a hand by sharing what has worked for me along with my failures. I’m not a rainmaker and was never a sales-oriented professional. So, if I can make 7-figures in a year, you absolutely can, too.

Now go out there and make it happen.