Close The Sale

80% of sales are lost because a salesperson or business owner fails to close. I don’t want this to happen to you! I want you to win more SEO clients! It’s frustrating to lose sales after investing time and money in finding and nurturing these leads.

Closing primarily deals with overcoming obstacles and objections. Have you heard your prospects say: “Let me get back to you.”, “I have to talk to my partner.”, “I’m waiting on a few other proposals.”, or “Your SEO rates are more expensive than your competitors.” It’s your job to anticipate and overcome these objections.

There are numerous ways to close a sale, and I cover the best ways I know how below. If you have trouble closing, make sure to read my posts. Also, if you want help with a specific area of closing, visit these categories:

Motivation | Objections | Pricing | Proposals | Training

Avoid These 5 Huge Sales Presentation Mistakes

Overcome These 5 Huge Sales Presentation Mistakes

Having pitched over 300 companies and being part of another 200 pitches, I've learned how to give a sales presentation that has my prospects begging for a proposal. I know what to include in what order, and know what to say and when. I've mastered some highly effective techniques that have helped catapult my sales. I've also [...]

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Avoid SEO proposal mistakes

Avoid Making This Mistake With Your Internet Marketing & SEO Proposals

Proposals represent a crucial stage in any sales cycle. When done the right way, writing and sending a proposal to a prospect means a close is imminent. In our sales process, the role of a proposal looks something like this: First Contact - This stage revolves around connecting with a new lead and having discovery calls or [...]

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High status gets SEO clients

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert, A Speaker, Or Have A Business To Get Clients

Have you ever been in a situation where you were offered money to do something you liked to do but had no intention of trying to make extra cash? For example, if you're into fitness, yoga, pilates, or martial arts, have you ever been asked to teach a class? Or, if you enjoy organizing and [...]

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SEO Pricing

How To Deal With Prospects Who Say, “Your SEO Services Cost Too Much”

If you sell Internet marketing services or products, you probably have heard dozens of different sales objections and noticed commonalities. Ginny Soskey from Hubspot writes four of the most common B2B sales objections revolve around: budget, authority, need, and timeliness. My experience has shown the same, with budget (or what I like to call "money") being the [...]

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