Nurture Prospects (& Clients)

Nurturing is all about building solid relationships with your SEO prospects by helping them grow and achieve their goals. It also involves strategically following up–staying in touch with them so that you stay at the forefront of their minds.

Genuinely care for your prospects–recommend and do what’s best for them. You have a valuable skill that can positively affect their lives. Share what you know freely, and your prospects will see and feel that you want them to succeed. Not only will this make your bond with them stronger, but it will also make them more comfortable to hire you for any of your SEO or Internet marketing services.

Don’t forget to grow your accounts by nurturing your existing client relationships, too! As you’ll hear me say many times, your clients will be a great source of referral business and new business (through up-sells or additional service offerings).

Check out my posts below if you want to improve your relationship and follow-up skills. If you want help with a specific area, check out the following categories:

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Avoid These 5 Huge Sales Presentation Mistakes

Overcome These 5 Huge Sales Presentation Mistakes

Having pitched over 300 companies and being part of another 200 pitches, I've learned how to give a sales presentation that has my prospects begging for a proposal. I know what to include in what order, and know what to say and when. I've mastered some highly effective techniques that have helped catapult my sales. I've also [...]

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SEO Follow-Up Email Template

The Dead Simple Email Template I Use To Get SEO Business From Prospects & Former Clients

Ok, straight to the point, here it is: "Hi [name], Hope all is well with you. It's been a little while since we spoke, so just wanted to touch base. How are things with you and your SEO plans for [website domain]? Best Regards, Myles" Look and sound simple enough? It is! Make sure to [...]

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Client Webinars & Meetings

Improve Customer Retention By Offering Free Client Webinars & Workshops

Successful sales and marketing strategies involve building relationships with prospects and clients, and providing them with high value. At the beginning of a prospect's sales cycle, I ask myself, "How can I help this company? How can I provide them with excellent information even before working together?" By helping others, I start developing a bond that [...]

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