Sales Courses

In-Depth Training For The Internet Marketing & SEO Consultant Who Didn’t Major In Sales

Do you wish you could get more SEO clients or Internet marketing business? Does the idea of selling yourself and your services make you cringe? If so, I’ve created several premium courses that have helped thousands of consultants build a more stable and more profitable business.

Starter Courses

Give A Sales Presentation That Has Your Prospects Begging For A Proposal

In this sales program, I cover the crucial in-person and online sales presentation. I lay out exactly how to get prospects to give you a solid hour of their time; how to prepare a sales deck (i.e. PowerPoint presentation) to give a high-value presentation, and how to get your leads so excited they’re eager to get a proposal from you. With the course, I’ve included the exact PowerPoint deck template I’ve used to close over $4 Million in sales, which you can edit for your business.

Not available to the public at this time, but you can get my Sales Presentation Crash Course here for free!

How To Create Internet Marketing & SEO Service Proposals That Close

In this 2-hour, 9-lesson online video course, you’ll learn to create proposals that make your clients say “yes.” If you followed my sales presentation course, there’s a very good chance your prospects want your service proposal. This course will teach you what to include in your proposals and in what order, to deliver the highest closing rate possible.

The course also includes the exact Microsoft Word proposal I’ve used to close over a dozen $7,500 per month SEO clients, which also acts as the proposal template I’ve used to close three $10,000+ per month SEO clients and one $32,250 per month SEO client. (Yes, you heard that right! A $32,250 per month client, who is still with me today, but investing $21,500 per month in SEO now.)