SEO Pricing

How To Deal With Prospects Who Say, “Your SEO Services Cost Too Much”

If you sell Internet marketing services or products, you probably have heard dozens of different sales objections and noticed commonalities. Ginny Soskey from Hubspot writes four of the most common B2B sales objections revolve around: budget, authority, need, and timeliness. My experience has shown the same, with budget (or what I like to call "money") being the [...]

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Finding Leads on LinkedIn

Easy Linkedin Lead Generation Tactic Yields Big Results

I used to avoid Linkedin as a lead generating platform as soon as it became normal for users to connect with anyone--even if they didn't know one another. Every decision maker I know (me included), was being bombarded with messages and InMails from strangers trying to sell their products or services. This ruined it for [...]

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