You Don’t Need To Be An Expert, A Speaker, Or Have A Business To Get Clients

Even ‘Nobodies’ Get Clients

Have you ever been in a situation where you were offered money to do something you liked to do but had no intention of trying to make extra cash? For example, if you’re into fitness, yoga, pilates, or martial arts, have you ever been asked to teach a class? Or, if you enjoy organizing and making plans, have you ever been offered a job as an event planner or promoter? You’re by no means an expert, yet people want to work with you.

It happens all the time. In fact, when I was in school for my MBA, I read many case studies about different businesses starting because a person was asked to do something often by family, friends, and acquaintances. Then, the light bulb turned on, and the person’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and he or she realized a business could be created.

Compared to specialists and experts, one might consider these individuals to be ‘nobodies.’ They aren’t famous for what they do; they don’t speak about what they do at events; and their day jobs may have nothing to do with what people offer them money to do.

Why do people still want to work with these ‘nobodies?’

An Expert vs. A Person With High Status

It’s because these individuals have high status. In relation to the people who hire them, they are looked up to and respected because they have more knowledge and experience about a particular topic. They aren’t experts; they don’t need to be. They don’t need to know everything about a subject nor do they have to be known. They just need to show that they enjoy an activity and are decent at it, i.e. they’re better than someone who might want to hire them.

As you do this and meet more people, you’ll magnetically attract interested leads to you–even if you’re not trying to.

The Main Point

When I started eReach, I was a ‘nobody’ and had no clients! All you need is to be a person of high status, and it’s easy to do this without being a recognized expert or noted speaker or blogger. Just continue to educate yourself in SEO, content marketing, and other Internet marketing services. By knowing more about digital marketing than your prospects, you’re building your status. If you already have clients, conduct free webinars or workshops for your clients to gain more credibility and social proof. This will boost your status even more.

  • Having high status makes people pay attention to you.
  • Having high status makes people listen to you.
  • Having High status makes what you say believable.

Thus, high status makes your prospecting and closing so much easier.

Make sure to understand your limitations. If you aren’t very technical, consider targeting prospects you can talk to from a position of higher status. If you start discussing SEO services, for example, with a company that is well-versed in it, don’t act like you know more than you know. If you have your own company, and you have an SEO Director, make sure to get them involved in the conversation. If you don’t have an SEO employee, look for an SEO consultant who can help you with your pitch.

As long as you know more about search engine optimization than your prospects (i.e. you have status), you already have enough to start and build a great business.

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